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    Archive for February 2013

    {Evan} Smash Cake Session!

    24 February 2013

    My son turned 1 on Feb 1st. and what better way to celebrate than smashing a cake and taking it to the face! He had an absolute blast and we captured some pretty awesome pictures! It's fun to be 1!

    Love of Photography = A New Business Adventure

    20 February 2013

    I finally did it! It took me almost 15 years but I finally started my own photography business.  I have been in love with photography ever since my dad let me use his 1970 Pentax SLR in elementary school.  After that I started purchasing a variety of throw away cameras (including Polaroids) while capturing moments through middle and high school.  I purchased my first Canon point and shoot in high school to use for photography class where I learned the basics of film development, exposure & composition.  I saved up my penny's by working as a waitress, when I wasn't on the soccer field, and purchased my very own film SLR- a Minolta Maxxum HT SI-Plus!  Hey, I was in high school ;) From there I grew with photography buying whatever digital camera came out (mostly point & shoots) as I studied Communications & Marketing at Kent State University.  I still took thousands of pictures (just ask all my college friends... I may have some blackmail worthy photos, ha!) but was not studying photography like I did for so many years.  Once I realized I quickly took a few photography classes at Kent to scratch my itch.  After college I got a "big girl job" with a leading manufacturing company and did pretty well for myself but something was missing.  I mean I liked my job, but I didn't love my job.  Once I talked my boss into spending some good dough on a top of the line DSLR (Nikon of course) so I could take pictures for our website I quickly realized that I was in the wrong profession.  It took several years of saving, practicing, learning and support from my husband but I am finally taking the plunge by becoming my own boss and doing what I love for a living, Photography! They say it doesn't feel like work when you do what you love... let's hope that's true!  Fingers crossed & knocking on wood!