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    {More St. Patty's Fun}

    18 March 2013

    I decided to break up the St. Patty's day session into 2 days so it would give people more of an opportunity to join in on the fun without a time limit (like typical mini sessions).

    1st up: 4 year old {Jax}
    This kid was a BLAST to work with! He has so much personality and a kind heart.  He made his mama proud by being a total gentleman and really listened to me when I asked him to change his pose.  I would gladly work with him again and any kid like him! His BFF's Raphael and Leonardo even got in on the photo fun! Take a look...

    Next up: 1 year Old {Evan}

    This little guy was on the MOVE! He was more concerned about doing an Irish Jig than looking good for the camera!  We got a few wonderful and memorable shots though! Check out this cute little nugget...

    Last But Not Least: 3 year Old {Kosar}
    This precious pup was super patient and was put on earth to be in front of the camera! Just look at that gorgeous mug!

    {St. Patty's "Medium" Session}

    03 March 2013

    Well I originally scheduled a St. Patty's Day "mini session" but I couldn't decide which background I wanted to go with so I decided to upgrade it to a "medium" session and do all 3 backgrounds! It was definitely worth it though b/c these kiddos were the absolute cutest and I loved working with them!  I can't wait to do it all again next weekend with another group! Erin Go Bragh!